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It’s the Times, Stupid!: The Source of Donald Trump’s Popularity

In the 2016 election cycle for president of the United States, few contenders have received the same degree of media attention as the current Republican frontrunner, real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump. From his comparison of Mexican immigrants to … Continue reading

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Khamenei’s Big Mistake: How the US and ISIS Have Weakened Iran

In the past few months, the world has watched in horror as the self-proclaimed Islamic State, often shortened to ISIS, ISIL, or just IS, has committed unspeakable atrocities throughout its areas of influence in Iraq and Syria.  In a recent … Continue reading

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Sorry Folks, America Was Never a Democracy!

In recent years, many Americans have become increasingly concerned about the end of democracy in the United States.  A recent study conducted by political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page that has gone viral has generated mass attention by … Continue reading

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