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Ming China, Precursor to European Dictatorship: Part 3, Corporatist Economic Policy

  In the first post of this series, I defined fascism as: a political system distinguished by an emphasis on patriarchal, rural values; corporatist economic policy; extreme nationalism and patriotism, often involving extreme xenophobia and/or racism; and militant authoritarianism in … Continue reading

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The Bipartisan Paranoia of Global Warming

In recent years, a major topic of discussion among politicians and scientists is the threat of global warming, particularly influenced by human activity.  While scientists all but unanimously agree that man-made global warming is occurring, global warming as a political … Continue reading

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Exposing the Second Yellow Peril

Americans across the political spectrum have observed the rapid rise of China as an influential economic, military, and political power over the course of the past twenty years.  Many fear that as an authoritarian state with a highly nationalistic population … Continue reading

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